Tulum, a Mexican food dream

Tulum Tree House  |  Photo by: Tulum Tree House

When you arrive in Tulum, you find yourself in a bohemian paradise with amazing food.

When you arrive in Tulum, you find yourself in a bohemian paradise with the most stunning white beaches, crystal clear water and the smell of fresh coconut, limes and grilled sea food everywhere. There are plenty of restaurants to go to, but the question is: Where should you definitely eat and go?

Here are our favorites broken down for you.

Hartwood  |  Photo by: Hartwood

Number 1: Hartwood is our favorite choice. Here you’ll get to eat what is available from the harvest of that day. Throughout the week, the staff of Hartwood travels to markets and farms in Yucatan to collect ingredients that allow them to offer the customers a taste of a community that existed for centuries. They consider sustainability first and use that principle as a common thread throughout the whole restaurant. Also, every meal is prepared on the stunning open fire place, giving it an exceptional atmosphere.

Number 2: Ocumare, the first spot we always have on top of our list when visiting Tulum. Here you get the best fine dining experience in a tropical looking restaurant with a lot of wood and jungle vibes. Their Argentinian chef has been awarded with a Michelin star and won the award for best restaurant back in Spain. He brings a full menu of small dishes, allowing you to fully experience the different local flavors of organic products from the land and sea.

Ocumare  |  Photo by: Be Tulum

Check out the Rainforest Green
which blends perfectly with Tulum

Number 3: Casa Jaguar, here they’re devoted to an artisanal way of cooking. Their goal is to let the customer experience the simple, yet delicious lifestyle of the Mexican sea. The food is inspired by the regional cuisine of the Yucatan Peninsula and the Maya. In their words, the food is aligned with their ethos: “simple, unpretentious, sophisticated yet abounding with flavor”.  Another great reason for going to Casa Jaguar is their Todos Bar, which is directly connected with the restaurant. They have the most amazing cocktails and special music nights on Tuesdays starting at 10 PM, lasting until the bright sun of Tulum is showing it’s first light..

Todos bar |  Photo by: Todos bar

These are just a selection of the ones we really love. We have plenty more restaurant favorites that are worth a visit, however now it is up to you to go and taste and see if you like them as much as we do. Below a small list of a few other culinary gems:

  • Maresias
  • Gitano
  • Pasito Tun Tun
  • Raw Love
  • Arca
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