Sustainability in everything we do.


The new reality.

We want to change the perception of travel. In today’s world, we have the opportunity to travel frequently, but we often underestimate the impact on the environment. We believe in a new reality that respects the environment, where sustainable and durable travel luggage is the new norm.

Designed with sustainability in mind.

Sustainability and a unique design. That’s our focus. In our effort to reduce our ecological footprint, we produce our products with as many eco-friendly materials as possible. The interior of all suitcases consists of a durable and luxurious soft fabric made from 100% recycled PET
bottles. The shell is made from our strongest eco-friendly German polycarbonate.

Extremely resistant recycled materials.

Our exclusive bag collection is made entirely of recycled PET bottles, both on the inside and outside. The water-resistant fabric is supple, sturdy, and highly durable. Our entire collection is made with the utmost care for durability and fully reinforced with shockproof material, all aimed at ensuring a lifetime of enduring use.

Purely vegan.

We only use the highest quality vegan alternatives where normally animal-derived materials are being used. Vegan leather is used throughout our whole collection. As a result, no animal materials are used during the production process. All vegan leather elements are made from PU-leather, which lowers our carbon footprint. Also all our accessories are made of vegan leather and biodegradable materials.

Cabin luggage white

Made for the future.

We believe in products that are made for life. We are against low quality fast-fashion products that cause a lot of waste. The most eco-friendly product is the one you only have to buy once. We also don’t believe in products with obsolete features such as power banks or GPS trackers. These features easily break or become unsafe. Many airlines don’t allow them, causing the product to become unusable.

Cabin luggage red

No redundant stock.

Many other brands accumulate unnecessary stock, which is then discarded in a hazardous manner. We don’t overproduce, never utilize excessive storage space, and never discard any products. This is how we ensure that we do not harm the environment.

We believe
We can make a difference.

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