Backpack Midnight Black

Meet our backpack. The stylish companion for your daily commute. Boasting a unique sleek design and made from 100% eco-friendly materials. The backpack is water-resistant and streamlined for the ultimate packing experience. The bag has two uniquely designed large compartments and extra storage options to organize your essentials. A dedicated 15″ laptop compartment allows easy access without having to open the whole bag.



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• Extremely durable and fully reinforced with shockproof material

• Water repellent on the inside and the outside

• Specially equipped with a dedicated 15 inch laptop compartment

• Furnished with selected inner storage compartments for the ultimate packing experience

• The durable and luxurious fabric on the interior and the exterior is made from 100% recycled PET bottles

• All leather details are made exclusively of vegan leather

• The backpack is equipped with a special sleeve on the back that fits perfectly on top of all our suitcases

Size: 42.5 (h) x 30 (l) x 13 (b) cm.

Fits seamlessly around every NORTVI suitcase.

NORTVI weekender weekendtas


The backpack is extremely durable and reinforced with shockproof material. It protects your devices and makes sure that your bag lasts for a lifetime.
Water? No problem. The NORTVI backpack is created to endure rainy situations in order to protect all your belongings.
The backpack is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. We only use materials of the highest quality and make sure that every lonely plastic bottle finds a new home with you.
Animal friendly
We don't use any animal materials in our products and only use vegan leather.
Support wild life
Together with us you go the extra mile. We commit ourselves towards a plastic free environment. As an official supporter of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) we make a donation for every purchase and enable Flying Vets to rescue animals such as turtles and manta rays in the Coral Triangle to be treated against the consequences of plastic ingestion.
Seamless fit
Our backpack has a special sleeve that makes it fit seamlessly around every NORTVI suitcase. The hassle of a swinging bag on top of your suitcase is over from now on.


Always organized

Our bags are more than just a bag. They serve a purpose for those trips where you just need everything to come in handy.
All NORTVI bags are equipped with carefully selected compartments, guaranteeing it will never take long before finding your favorites.
In addition, we integrated all our bags with a shockproof padding to protect your most valued accessories such as your laptop or tablet.



Timeless design.

The NORTVI backpack is hand-designed in Amsterdam and made with the best eco-friendly materials. The durable and luxurious fabric on the interior and the exterior is made from 100% recycled PET bottles. The backpack is streamlined for the ultimate packing experience and ideal for your daily commute. With the special sleeve it seamlessly fits on top of your suitcase. Your ideal companion to make new memories.


All our bags have a special luggage sleeve and make a perfect fit on top of your suitcase.


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