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Travel with respect.


Sustainable at the core.

When we travel we must take responsibility for the world around us. That’s why we donate part of our profits to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). This collaboration allows us not only to contribute to the protection of our planet, but also to provide future generations with the opportunity to explore and appreciate the world around them.

We commit to share our profits with our partners.

We have partnered with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), and with every product purchased, we commit ourselves to pursuing a plastic-free world. Through our donations, we support areas such as the Coral Triangle in Asia, enabling Flying Vets to rescue sea animals affected by plastic ingestion.

Charity support instead of discounts.

Since the beginning of our brand, we are dedicated to avoid discount campaigns such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday. It’s simply part of our company DNA, setting us apart from other brands that may claim sustainability but tend to engage in greenwashing practices. Instead, our core philosophy is centered around giving back to our planet.

Over the years, we have actively supported a variety of initiatives that align with our values. These initiatives have ranged from providing assistance to dedicated nurses working tirelessly in COVID-19 ICU wards to making contributions to humanitarian aid efforts in Ukraine. As an illustrative example, in the previous year, we allocated 100% of our Black Friday profits to support humanitarian aid during the conflict in Ukraine. This reflects our genuine commitment to making a positive impact and standing by our principles.

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Our 100% circularity mission.

We are the first ever luggage brand to implement a sustainable and innovative recycling process for our products. In collaboration with four other sustainable Dutch companies, including sheltered workplaces, we fully disassemble and recycle our luggage pieces that can’t be given a second life. In this way, we not only achieve a 100% waste-free approach but also craft entirely new products, each made of 100% recycled suitcase components.

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Fair pricing. Always.

We truly are the first-ever premium and sustainable luggage brand. We only use top-tier materials and components, maintaining our commitment to offering excellent products at fair and justifiable prices. This is achieved through our healthy company policy, which eliminates excessive overhead costs and avoids selling through large retail channels. We firmly believe in the integrity of our pricing, rejecting the common practice of excessive markup and deceptive discounts. With our brand, you can always trust in receiving genuinely superior luggage.

We believe
We can make a difference.

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