Fair pricing.

We truly are the first-ever premium and sustainable luggage brand that sets us apart from the rest. We only use top-tier materials and components and maintain our commitment to offer excellent products at justifiable and fair prices. This is achieved through our healthy company policy that eliminates excessive overhead costs and avoids selling through large retail channels. We are proud to maintain a perfect balance between unparalleled quality and fair pricing, dedicated in our belief that discounts should not be necessary. We firmly believe in the integrity of our pricing, thus rejecting the common practice of excessive markup and deceptive discounts. With our brand, you can always trust in receiving genuinely superior luggage.



for a


We believe that travelling creates memories for a lifetime. Our mission is to create travel luggage that keeps these memories alive with every trip we make. We do that by creating premium and sustainable products that are accessible to everyone around the world, without making any compromise on style and design.


Premium and Sustainable.

We want to change the world’s perception of travelling. Nowadays, many people have the means to travel but tend to underestimate the environmental consequences. We believe in a new reality where sustainable and durable travel luggage that respects the environment is the new norm. Yet, we value high quality and great design and see our suitcases as a stylish extension of your outfit. It is our duty to create travel luggage that is used for a lifetime and commit ourselves to use as many eco-friendly materials as possible. Join our movement!

Unique design


We value great design. With great dedication we create travel luggage that is used and loved for a lifetime. The piece that we missed the most was a perfectly designed and durable suitcase. We believe that the collection is only complete once it has your favourite luggage straps to personalize the suitcase to your trip and mood. From here on, the world is yours.



We are extremely committed to design and create the most durable and sustainable travel luggage for our community. And with everything we do, we are convinced that sustainability is of key importance to do so. It is part of our company culture and the only way to ensure that the next generations are able to create valuable memories just like you.

Our Promise


Travel with respect. We partnered up with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and with every purchased product we commit ourselves to pursue a plastic free world. With our donations we support areas such as the Coral Triangle in Asia where we enable Flying Vets to rescue sea animals against the consequences of plastic ingestion.


It is about

NORTVI is about you as an individual. Our brand is inspired by the feedback of travel enthusiasts around the world that made us who we are. We value the connection that we have with our community and want to create travel luggage with a positive impact. To do so, we will always keep a close connection with you and strive to create memories in a responsible way, no matter where in the world you are or will be.


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