Flâneur de Paris, the city of love

Bar st Germain |  Photo by: Tara Relyveld

It’s a mixture of creativity, fashion and the je ne sais quoi vibe, that makes it different from any other city in the world.

Paris, the city of love… It’s not a discussion that this world city is renowned for its romance and beauty. Beautiful it sure is. It’s a mixture of creativity, fashion, and je ne sais quoi vibe, that makes it different from any other city in the world. Whether you’re staying for a weekend or a longer holiday, here are some guidelines to explore the city.

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Streets around Montmartre |  Photo by: Sophia van den Hoek

Around the 1st Arrondissement you’ll find the well-known and most touristic sights of the city (apart from the Eiffel Tower, which is located in the 7th district) such as the Royal Palace and the Louvre which will help to get your first dose of Parisian love. After these ‘touristic basics’, it’s time to experience Paris the Parisian way.

A great way to go more local and divert from the many tourists is to visit the Saint-Germain de Près. Before it was this chique, it used to be favored by writers such as Hemingway, Sartre and Beauvoir. For the literaries it’s fun to sit on the terrace of the famous Café de Flore or Le Bonaparte to tune into the nostalgic beauty of all these creatives in the 1940s and 50s. You can still imagine sitting there, working on their books and discussing art and culture with each other. 

For some more activity we enjoy going to Place de la République, here you’ll find skateboarders jumping over your head as you’re sitting on a bench. There’s a nice vibe of not only skaters but also dancers and close to the square there are many great lunch spots and restaurants offering French cuisine. Get seated next to the bohemian French and indulge yourself with a glass of red wine and a quiche. If you favor something more international, there is Ober Mamma, only 7 minutes walking on 107 Boulevard Richard-Lenoir. This beautiful restaurant is famous for its Italian food. Recommended are the truffle pasta and pizza, together with one of many of their delicious and unique cocktails. 

Next up is the fashionable Marais district which definitely shouldn’t be missed during your trip, as this is the neighborhood filled with small fashion boutiques, trendy shops, old fashioned specialized shops and plenty of art galleries. Our favorites are Galerie Perrotin, Musée Pierre Cardin and the Modus Art Gallery, or you might be lucky and find artists making art in the streets. Le Marais is also the perfect destination to spot fashionable people, especially during the world famous Fashion week of Paris. Don’t go too early during your trip though, as you might lose your entire weekend here!

Young people along the Seine |  Photo by: Sophia van den Hoek

While strolling through le Marais, a hotspot that should not be missed is Le Perchoir, of which you have three locations all over the city. All of them serve delicious drinks and have a reputable restaurant on top of that. However, the one in le Marais has a breathtaking view over the city as it is located on the roof of the ‘Le BHV’ shopping mall.

Paris is a city that boosts millions of tourists every year. There are plenty of options in terms of accommodation, though be aware that the square meter sizes of the rooms could be smaller than an ordinary hotel in another European city. A great choice is boutique hotel Panache, located in the 9th arrondissement. It features an Art Nouveau look, has a great bar/restaurant downstairs and is within walking distance of the Rue Cadet market street.

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Hotel Panache |  Photo by: Hotel Panache
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