Los Angeles, the palm city of Angels

LA downtown  |  Photo by: Tara Relyveld

La-La Land, The City of Angels or simply L.A, Los Angeles is known for many things, mostly Hollywood, the good weather and beautiful beaches.

Landing in LA, feels like landing in a never ending city. It is so big that a simple car drive to another city area might take hours. So why is it so attractive and why should we all visit it? La-La Land, The City of Angels or simply L.A, Los Angeles has a lifestyle on its own. It is known for many things, mostly Hollywood, the good weather and beautiful beaches, but it also has the best national parks around, perfect for that roadtrip everyone is dreaming of…

Street artisits downtown LA | Photo by: Tara Relyveld

Once landed, a great area to start exploring is the well-known Venice Beach. You can enjoy a day in the sun or stroll along the boulevard and watch the many fascinating people passing by. From artists to sports(wo)men, free-spirits, and skateboarders, you’ll mostly find yourself in a welcoming ambiance where there’s something for everyone. We rented some bicycles and biked along the coastline where there are many cafes and restaurants to enjoy a crisp juice or a tasty pasta. The possibilities are as diverse as the people, which is what’s so special about this spot. A great food pick here is Café Gratitude, where everything is organic and harvested close by. Be aware though that it might be fully packed over lunch.

If you’re a vintage fan, art, food and/or live music lover, the Melrose Flea Market is something not to miss out on. Local vendors are selling a great selection of items, handmade or second-hand. The small admission fee is supporting jobs for students and they raise funds for various events. It’s especially nice to go on a Sunday when local musicians get the stage to showcase their gigs.

If you’re done with the flea market, there is more to shop at Melrose Avenue but make sure to bring a full bank account, because the shops here tend to be quite expensive.

LA view | Photo by: Dillon Shook

Where else should you go when you visit L.A? Very well-known is Santa Monica Pacific Park. It’s quite touristic, but at the same time it has the typical L.A. vibe. With the neon lights contrasting the sky during sunset, a blend of people and the famous Ferris wheel, this scene could come straight out of a movie.

Onwards for the art lovers: the Museum of Contemporary Art, MOCA, has three locations in Los Angeles, all of them with interesting collections of contemporary art. Definitely worth a visit.

For food and drinks there are plenty of options, however one of our specials is the Perch LA. A venue on the 15th and 16th floor with a restaurant, bar and lounge and antique-inspired furniture. Here you feel like you are dining in an old French restaurant while at the same time fully absorbing this bustling city of dreams.

NORTVI memories reis tips guide los angelas the ace hotel swimclub palm
ACE HOTEL | Photo by: Bikini’s and Passports

Check out the Sand white
which fits perfectly to the ACE HOTEL

When there is a bit of time left, a great escape from the city’s buzz is a visit to the deserted Palm Springs. Hop in that Mustang and take the road 150km East to the ever sunny city.

In terms of accommodation in Palm Springs, the ACE HOTEL & Swim club is the best creative boutique hotel, which should not be missed. It is both vintage, organic and bohemian.

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